• expomed eurasia / March 14th 2022 / İstanbul / Turkey......... • Pharma & Lab Expo / May 24th 2022 / Cairo / Egypt......... • PharmaLytica / June 01st 2022 / Mumbai / India......... • Medlab Expo / Nov 07th 2022 / Riyad / Saudi Arabia.........


-30th May, 2022 Mumbai-DM4 B & DM6 B
-24th May, 2022 Mumbai-Vertical Drum Autoclave
-18th May, 2022 Mumbai-Laboratory Oven
-16th March, 2022 Mumbai-WLD-TEC's Flame 100 Bunsen Burner
-15th March, 2022 Mumbai-Jupiter Autoclavable R&D Fermenter from Solaris
-09th March, 2022 Mumbai-1300 Series A2 Class II bio safety cabinets from Thermo Fisher
-08th March, 2022 Mumbai-Ritter M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer from Midmark
-07th March, 2022 Mumbai-Mettler-Toledo’s XK155KSD5C Masscomparator
-05th March, 2022 Mumbai-X25 Series X-View Digital X-ray System from North Star Imaging
-04th March, 2022 Mumbai-gelLITE Gel Documentation System by Cleaver Scientific
-02nd March, 2022 Mumbai-Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer
-01st March, 2022 Mumbai-Digital Powder Density Apparatus
-28th February, 2022 Mumbai-Tablet Disintegration Tester
-22nd February, 2022 Mumbai-Distek presents sensIR 3200 Disintegrator
-21st February, 2022 Mumbai-UV Vis Cuvette Spectrophotometer from Mettler Toledo
-20th February, 2022 Mumbai-IKA Temperature Control
-19th February, 2022 Mumbai-Copley Scientific’s Friability tester
-18th February, 2022 Mumbai-XPR Micro and Ultra-Microbalances from Metler Toledo
-17th February, 2022 Mumbai-Laboratory Reactor from IKA
-16th February, 2022 Mumbai-Single Point Scale Centrifuge from Ace Industries
-15th February, 2022 Mumbai-Malvern Panalytical’s MicroCal PEAQ-ITC Calorimeters
-14th February, 2022 Mumbai-Agilent Technologies 100 Automated Disintegration Apparatus
-13th February, 2022 Mumbai-Friability Tester from Agilent Technologies
-12th February, 2022 Mumbai-Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus from Labline
-11th February, 2022 Mumbai;-AUTOCLAVE FROM PHARMALAB

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Pharma Production Machineries News

09th June 2022 MumbaiTablet Making Machine
08th june 2022 Mumbai-Tablet Coating Machine
04th june 2022 Mumbai-Lab Tablet Coater
26th May 2022 Mumbai-Double Cone Blender
17th May 2022 Mumbai-Lab Multi Mill
06th March 2022 Mumbai-Sieving & Grading Machine GMP Model
05th March 2022 Mumbai Cartridge Filling Production Line
04th March 2022 Mumbai -Semi Automatic Capsule Filling machine
03rd March 2022 Mumbai -Slugging / Bolus Tablet Press
02nd March 2022 Mumbai -Capsule Polishing
01st March 2022 Mumbai -Atomized Spraying System For Tablet Coating
22nd February 2022 Mumbai -High Shear Mixer Granulator-HSMG Rapid Mixer Granulator – RMG by Ace International
21st February 2022 Mumbai -Blenders - Double Cone Blender By Ace International
20th February 2022 Mumbai -Moxie Press (Heavy Duty)
19th February 2022 Mumbai -Mass Mixer by Bombay Pharma
17th February 2022 Mumbai -Ointment Manufacturing Plant by Amica Pharma Equipments
15th February 2022 Mumbai -Automatic Tablet Coater- Film & Sugar Coating by Prism pharma machinery
08th February 2022 Mumbai -Ointment Manufacturing Plant & Vessel by Vitro Pharma Machinery
04th February 2022 Mumbai - V Blender By Bombay Pharma
10th September 2021 Mumbai -Formpak's Automatic Capsule Filling Machine AF-90T for Tamping, Dosating or Volumetric Filling
08th September 2021 Mumbai -Homogenizing Mixer from Netzsch
06th September 2021 Mumbai -Sanity Co offers Aprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine.
03rd September 2021 Mumbai -Low Temperature Pulverizer - Cloud Mill presented by Yenchen Machinery
02nd September 2021 Mumbai -Formpak's Automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Tamping, Dosating or Volumetric Filling
01st September 2021 Mumbai -Flashmix Powder/Liquid Mixers by Silverson
19th July 2021 Mumbai-Tube Filler from SanityCo
17th July 2021 Mumbai-Automatic Quality Inspection and Sorting of Capsules from Sensum
16th July 2021 Mumbai-Tablet Dedusting Machine from FluidPack
14th July 2021 Mumbai-Metal Detector from Bunting-Newton
12th July 2021 Mumbai-Tablet - Spray Coating Machine from Bright Pharma
09th July 2021 Mumbai-Tablet Coating Machine from Senieer
6th July 2021 Mumbai-Vacuum Tray Dryer from Adinath International
1st July 2021 Mumbai-Mass Mixer from Jay Pharma Equipment
10th June 2021 Mumbai-Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine from Chamunda Pharma Machinery
09th June 2021 Mumbai-Capsule Polishing Machine from Prism Pharma Machinery
08th June 2021 Mumbai-Pharmaceutical Process Vessels from Adinath International
07th June 2021 Mumbai-Planetary Mixer from Ramashary Pharma Machinery
05th June 2021 Mumbai-Syrup Manufacturing Plant from SK Pharma Machinery
04th June 2021 Mumbai-Vacuum dryer from VITRO Pharma Machinery
3rd June 2021 Mumbai-Fluid Bed Dryer from Riddhi Pharma Machinery
2nd June 2021 Mumbai-Accuchiller EQ Portable & Packaged Chiller
1st June 2021 Mumbai-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine from Anchor Mark
24th May 2021 Mumbai-Automatic Tablet Coater from Dumra Machines
21st May 2021 Mumbai-Fluid Bed Dryer from Neelam Industries
20th May 2021 Mumbai-Ointment Cream Manufacturing Plant from Adinath International
19th May 2021 Mumbai-Octagonal Blender from Ramashary Pharma
18th May 2021 Mumbai-BIOCEUTICAL PROCESSING VESSEL from S.K. Pharma Machinery
17th May 2021 Mumbai-Inspection machine from Brevetti CEA
13th May 2021 Mumbai-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine from Adinath International
12th May 2021 Mumbai-Inverting filter centrifuges From Heinkel
11th May 2021 Mumbai-Tablet Press from Prism Pharma Machinery
10th May 2021 Mumbai- Lifting, Dedusting and Polishing from Sensum
7th May 2021 MumbaiPlanetary Mixer / Emulsifier from Vitro Pharma Machinery
5th May 2021 Mumbai-Tablet Press From Singhania Tableting
4th May 2021 Mumbai-Mill from ACIC Machinery
3rd May 2021 Mumbai-Tablet Inspection from Matcon
24th April, 2021 Mumbai-Capsule Filling Machine from Bright Pharma
23rd April, 2021 Mumbai-Vibro Sifter from The Bombay Engineering Works
22 April, 2021 Mumbai-Adept Double Rotary Press from Singhania Tableting
21 April, 2021-Roller Compacting Systems from Cadmach Machinery
20 April, 2021-Ointment Cream Making Plant from Wintech Pharmachem Equipments
19 April, 2021 Mumbai;-Bilayer Tablet Presss from Chamunda
01 April, 2021, Mumbai;- MODUL™ Q Tablet Press from GEA
12 March, 2021 Mumbai;-Metal Detector and De-duster by Technofour Electronics Private Limited
22 February, 2021 Mumbai;-Minimax Coating System from NEOMACHINE
17 February, 2021 Mumbai; -Tooling offered from Pacific Tools
28 January 2021 Mumbai; -Natoli Engineering Presents Research Tablet Press
25 January 2021 Mumbai; -Singhania Tableting Presents Tablet Press
20 Jan 2021 Mumbai; High Speed Tablet Press by Cadmach Machinery
January 19, 2021-Prism Pharma Machinery offers Oscillating Granulator
-January 13, 2021-Yenchen’s Pelletizer Machine
-January 12, 2021-Gelatin Equipments by Saffroys
-January 09, 2021-Tablet_Deduster
-January 08, 2021-Jicon presents Starch Paste Kettle
-January 07, 2021-Filter Press by Jicon industries
-January 06, 2021-Hitachi’s High Resolution Inspection System
-January 05, 2021-Octagonal Blender by Sharp Pharma -January 02, 2021-Filter Testing Equipment presented by Filtereno Engineering
-December 31, 2020-Sanity Co offers Aprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine
-December 30, 2020-Low Temperature Pulverizer - Cloud Mill presented by Yenchen Machinery
-December 29, 2020-Formpak's Automatic Capsule Filling Machine AF-90T for Tamping, Dosating or Volumetric Filling
-December 28, 2020-Flashmix Powder Liquid Mixers by Silverson
-December 19, 2020-Reva Pharma offers Turbo Mixer Machine
-December 19, 2020-Automatic Rotary Glass Pet Bottle washing Machine by Veena Pharma
-December 18, 2020-Prism Pharma’s Slugging Bolus Tablet Press
-December 17, 2020-Liquid Injectables Process Plants offered by Pharmatech Process
-December 16, 2020-Keumsung Machinery offers HIGH SHEAR MIXER GRANULATOR
-December 15, 2020-Steam Exchange Humidifier Condair SETC by Humidity Technologies
-December 14, 2020-Excel Plants and Equipments presents Multi Mill Machine
-December 10, 2020-High Speed Tablet Press by Cadmach Machinery
-December 09, 2020-Vibro Sifter offered by Dumra Machines
-December 07, 2020-Kothari Pharma presents Inline Mixer
-December 07, 2020-Downflow Booths-SAFEKLENZ by Klenzaids
-December 05, 2020- Fluid Bed R and D Processing by GEA Group
-December 04, 2020- GEA offers MODUL P Tablet Press
-November 12, 2020 - Neelam industries introduces Tunnel Type Vial Washing Machine
-November 12, 2020- Bipin Pharma offering Pharmaceutical Granulation Line Plant
-November 05, 2020- Bowman Archer Pharma’s Octagonal Blender
- November 04, 2020 - Bright Pharma offers Liquid Clean-in-Place machinery unit
- Sharp’s Automatic Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant
- Sharp Pharma’s High-Speed Sticker Labeling Machine
- Bi – Layer Tablet Press (GMP) (Pilot 200)
- Aseptic Processing Isolator
- Bubble traps by Advanced Couplings Limited
- Capsule sealing machine hicapseal 125
- CVC Technologies develops Plugger and Capper

- Digital handheld microscope
- Double rotary tablet press machine riddhi
- Metall+Plastic manufacture Flexible Film Isolators
- Fully Automatic Powder Fillers
- Hand Tube Filling Machine
- Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven for
- Modular economic miracle
- NEAR-infrared spectroscopy
- OEM Oral Syringes
- Paste prepration vessel Lab Model
- Multi Column Distillation Plant by Sterinox Systems
- Crystal Automation manufactures Powder Transfer

- Prism’s Visual Bottle Inspection to check leakage
- Special Tools by ADEPT
- Tablet_Deduster
- Prism Pharma Machinery designs Single
 Sided Square Rotary Tablet

- Tablet Tester with Five Parameter by Campbell

- Spray Coating Machine by Indo-German Pharma

- Auger Type Powder Filling Machine designed
 by GMP

- Compact Dehumidifier by Bry-Air
- Desiccant Dryer by Delair India
- Kumar Process housings for filtration
- STEAM WASHER by Ace Technologies
- Vial Crimping System from Kebby
- Laboratory Ovens by Nihaar Equipment
- Mohan Fabrication’s Syrup Storage Tank
- Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning by Parth
- Pharma Press IV Tabeleting by Pankaj Industries
- Pharmitech’s Clean Room HVAC Equipment
- Rotary Tableting Machine by Jaguar GMC
- Singhania Tableting Ultrasonic Tool Cleaner
- Ultrasonic Sieve Deblinding by Russell

-Vibro Sifter by Prism Pharma Machinery
-Tablet Press- TabXpress- II by Prism Pharma Machinery
-Fluid Bed Dryer by KPM Pharma Machineries
-Semi automatic capsule loader by Patco exports
-Stream (automatic quality inspection and sorting of capsules) by Sensum (Computer Vision System)
-Mass Mixer by Yash Pharma Machinery
-Saco Multi Mill Machine, SAMM-01 by The Scientific Apparatus Company
-Double Cone Blender by Shree Bhagwati Machtech
-Turntable GMP Model-24” by Parth Engineering and consultant
-Amplus–lII–High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine by Chamunda Pharma Machinery
-Automatic Hi-Speed Linear Tube Filler by Square Pharma Machineries
-Capsule Dry Syrup Machinery by Harrison's Pharma Machinery
-Capsule Check Weigher Machine from Parle Global Technologies
-Liquid Manufacturing Plant from Anish Pharma Equipments
-Liquid oral processing System from Adam Fabriwerk
-Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant from Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
-Indo German Pharma’s Liquid Oral Process Plant
-FLUID BED DRYER offered by Bombay Pharma
-Gem Pharma Machineries offers Tablet Inspection Cum Polishing Machine

Pharma Packaging News

19 July, 2022 Mumbai; -Auto-Draw® Oral Syringe Filling System
22 June, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine
10 June, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
07 June, 2022 Mumbai; -Liner Capping Machine
31st May, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Pre Filled Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine
30th May, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
27th May, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Vial Powder Filling Machine - Vial Filler
25th May, 2022 Mumbai; -Tablet Capsule Strip Packing Machine
23rd May, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
20th May, 2022 Mumbai; -Low Volume Electronic Tablet Counter
18th May, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Tube Filling Machine
17th May, 2022 Mumbai; -Blister Packing Machine for PVC/PVDC
05th March, 2022 Mumbai; -Semi Automatic Capping Machine
04th March, 2022 Mumbai; -Semi Automatic Carton Sealer
03rd March, 2022 Mumbai; -Bottle Unscrambler
02nd March, 2022 Mumbai; -Semi Automatic Aluminium Tube Filling, Crimping, and Coding Machine
01st March, 2022 Mumbai; -STANDARD GLASS SYRINGES
22nd February, 2022 Mumbai; -Blister packaging machine from ULHMAN
21st February, 2022 Mumbai; -Automatic Tube Filling and Closing Machine from Axomatic
20th February, 2022 Mumbai; -Fully Automatic Powder Fillers from Square Pharma Machineries
19th February, 2022 Mumbai; -Fully Automatic Paste Filling Machine from Square Pharma Machineries
18th February, 2022 Mumbai; -BP-120 Blister Packing Machine from SAINTYCO
17th February, 2022 Mumbai; -Multipack presents Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine
16th February, 2022 Mumbai; -N.K.P Pharma presents Self Adhesive Vertical Vial Labeller
01st september, 2021 Mumbai; -High-Speed Horizontal Form Fill-seal Machine presented by Omori Machinery
17th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Induction Cap Sealing Machine from Shree Bhagwati
16th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Adinath International’s Capsule Counting Machine
15th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Associated Pack Tech Engineers’s Automatic Bottle Filling And Sealing Machine
14th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Cartoning Machine from Romaco
12th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Automatic Linear Screw Capping Machine from Shree Bhagwati
08th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Blister Packaging Machine from Accupack Engineering
06th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Wrap-around labeler from HERMA
05th July, 2021 Mumbai; -Inspection, counting and bottle filling from SENSUM
02nd July, 2021 Mumbai; -Vial Capping Machine from Lodha International
1st June, 2021 Mumbai; -Filling and Closing Machine from OPTIMA
25th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Tube Filling Machine from Shree Bhagwati Machtech
24th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Tablet/Capsule Counter Machine from CVC Technologies
21st May, 2021 Mumbai; -Wrap-around Labeling Machine from HERMA
20th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Automatic Single Head Vial Sealing Machine from NKP Pharma 19th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Aseptic automatic vial filling machine from VEKAMAF
18th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine from Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery
15th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Closing Machine from OPTIMA
13th May, 2021 Mumbai; -PVC ALU Blister Packing Machine from Lodha International
12th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Automatic Blister Packing Machine from Ruian Antai Pharmaceutical Machinery
11th May, 2021 Mumbai; -Syrup Packaging Machine from AVI International Packaging Company
24th April, 2021 Mumbai-Blister Packing Machine from Prism Pharma Machinery
23rd April, 2021 Mumbai-Blister Machine KBS- PL with Linear Pallet Support from KOCH
22nd April, 2021 Mumbai-Romaco Presents Noack NBP 950 Blister Machine
21st April, 2021 Mumbai;Automatic High Speed Advanced Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machines from Ambica Pharma
20th April, 2021 Mumbai;-Flat Bed Machines from Elmach
19th April, 2021 Mumbai;- Dicraft Engineering presents X-Series Strip Packing Machines
07 April, 2021 Mumbai;- Offline carton Coding Machine with Inspection and Rejection System from N.K.P. Pharma
3 April, 2021 Mumbai;- FACF Automatic Capsule Filler from LFA Machines
17 February, 2021 Mumbai; -Rotary Bottle Washing Machine presented by The United Engineering
27 January, 2021 Mumbai; Blister Packaging Machines From Elmach Machines
24 January, 2021 Mumbai; Blister machine B 200 from Uhlmann
21 January, 2021 Mumbai; Multipack presents Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine
January 20, 2021-N.K.P Pharma presents Self Adhesive Vertical Vial Labeller
- A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.
  Case Packer for packing plastic bottles.

- Mettler Toledo's safeline X34 for
  metal detection.

- Optima immufill for Sorting,
  Filling, Weighing, Capping, Labeling.

- AFINIA LABEL L801 Commercial
  Color Printer for Label printing.

- Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG
  Electronic nasal-spray.

- Parekhplast India ltd. asthma
  inhaler for accurate dosage .

- Parekhplast India ltd.Caps &

  Barrier Pouches / Bags.

- Veena pharma machinery Automatic
  Tube Filling Machine for Filling and Sealing.

- Square pharma machinerie's Fully
  Automatic Capping Machine.

- Prismtech packaging solutions
  Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine.

- ARANOW packaging machinery
  Multilane machine.

- Indo German Pharma Engineer's
  Packaging Turntable to feed or receive bottles.

  Printing Cartons.

- BERNHARDT T Vacuum Chamber
  for packing of sensitive products.

- Bestcode's Series 8 for Printing.
- CVC 200 Top Labeler for

- BOSCH MLF 3000 for Filling.
  and Closing Vials

- ALLTUB's Laminate Squeeze Tubes.
- Parekhplast Bottle's dropper bottles
  for eye and ear drops.

- Kleersight Plastics Pharmaceutical

- AAPL Solutions Vial sealings
- BOSCH Xelum Platform for OSD
- P. R. packaging Printed Folding Cartons
- Pakona Engineer’s PK-91 Simplex / Duplex
- Sensum SPINE
- Shanghai Acepack Co., Ltd. Packing line
- Servo-driven packaging machine Siebler HM 1 by Romaco
- High Speed Automatic Blister Packing Machine by Jicon industries
- HighCamphor Tablet Packing Machine by Sensograph Packaging Technology
- High3 Phase Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine by Shree Ambica industries
- HighSemi Automatic Cartooning Machine by Adinath international
- HighAmpoule Sticker Labeling Machine by Shree Bhagwati Machtech
- HighAutomatic Cartoning Machine by Parth Engineering and consultant
- HighHigh Speed Double Head Wing Servo Auger Filler Machine by Nichrome Packaging Solutions.aspx
- HighSX-180-R LAB by Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging
- HighCVC L52(labelling inspection Machine) by CVC Technologies
- HighDPH-270 330 380D High-speed Blister Packing Machine by Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery
- HighSLB-150 200 400 Auto. Strip Packing Machine by Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery
-PET Plastic bottle making machine with full package from MSB industries
-Shrink Tack Labeler – YOROI from ACE Technologies
-Automatic Vertical Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine from A H Pharmamech
-Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Round Bottle Labelling Machine from Ambica Pharma Machines
-Rotary Sealer Model RS 60 RS 120 from Autopack Machines
-Rotary Stretch Blow Moulder from Clearpack Automation
-November 02, 2020- Gem Pharma Machineries offers Packing Conveyors
-November 04, 2020- Wrap Machines offers Thunder
-November 19, 2020- Pet Bottle Making Machine offered by MSB industries
-December 02, 2020- Dara Pharma presents DT sterilizing tunnels
-December 05, 2020- Rotary Blister Sealing Machine by Ecobliss Pharma
-December 07, 2020- Bliss-ca Technologies offers Cartoning Machine- HC120
-December 08, 2020- High-Speed Horizontal Form Fill-Seal Machine presented by Omori Machinery
-Millenium Packaging Solutions offers Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
-Double Head Auger Type Dry Syrup Powder Filler presented by N.K.P. Pharma
-Bundle Shrink Wrapper by Autopack Machines
-Nichrome's HFFS Series T-140

About Imprint February Issue

Imprint February issue we find it quite challenging to collate critical information on vaccine production. In this issue we
focused on Vaccine production, Medical devices and Tablet Technology.

Imprint identifies equipment critical in Vaccine production. This effort of Imprint will be a guide for companies interested in
selecting the suitable equipment for their units. And to those interested in setting up a new Production Plant.


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