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As COVID-19 standards become new normal, Pharma industry adopts AI-driven IFM

Rupal Sinha, director IFMS, Quess Corp, a global workforce management major, said that life threatening COVID-19 has altered industry operations, paving the way for innovative, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven and tech-enabled disinfection solutions that are sustainable, thus ensuring a sterile workplace for the future with a proof of safety across people, property and business.

According to Sinha, integrated facility management (IFM) plays a crucial role in the pharma industry as maintenance, operation, and validation of critical systems such as clean room HVAC systems, clean utilities, laboratory water systems, other high purity systems, are closely linked to production of end products that need to meet quality standards.

A microbial-free environment is essential for the pharmaceutical industry. Smart UV-C disinfection technologies like ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is one such technology that has been in existence for decades and used widely in hospitals and laboratories to disinfect air, surfaces and surgical tools. The technology harnesses UVC light killing 99.9% of exposed microorganism like bacteria, virus and other pathogens by destroying their DNA. As businesses have restarted, there is a visible demand for disinfection services. New materials are being used to coat surfaces to actively repel and inactivate viruses, providing a constant layer of protection for a predefined period. UVC robots and flood lights are used for sterilising work places and food served, with proven results backed by laboratory tests, she said.

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