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CDSCO to Introduce “Unit Dose Packaging” in India

A sub-committee of India’s drug regulatory authority is planning to introduce a properly sized “unit dose packaging” with adequate labeling for non- prescribed drugs of common ailments such as cold, cough and flu that have a proven safety profile, therapeutic index to overcome the issue of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in India, which will also help the consumer to “self-diagnose,” “self-elect,” and “self- administer” and “know when to stop using” to avoid overdose and misuse of medicines. Hence, a customized dose pack of medicines for common ailments will be available at our local grocery stores soon.

Imprint comment-

An opportunity for manufacturers of packaging machinery to increase their business as demand for customized dose pack of medicines in market increases. the aspect of self- doubt compels an unnecessary visit to a physician who charge exorbitantly. Unit dose packaging is truly progressive.


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