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Centre removes restrictions on export of non-Covid-19 syringes & needles, diagnostic kits and reagents

20th October,2021 Mumbai

The syringes that are not used for Covid vaccination like insulin syringes, 0.3 ML, 5 ML and larger sizes of 10 ML, 20 ML & 50 ML etc will be allowed to be exported.

The Department of Commerce has issued a notification clarifying that the restrictions it has imposed on export of syringes and needles are only of certain denominations and not for other syringes which are falling under the category. It has also revoked the restrictions on various diagnostic kits related to Covid-19 diagnostics it imposed on June 10, and August 16, last year, in another notification.

The notification on exports of syringes and needles comes after the industry has raised its concerns over the overall export restrictions imposed on the product category at a time when there have been reports of shortage of needles and syringes for administration of Covid-19 vaccine. The industry said that it is committed to give priority to the product requirement for Covid-19 vaccination in India, but the government should allow them to export products that are not specified for Covid-19 and other vaccination in the country, as they need to fulfill their export commitment.

The Department issued a notification on October 14, amending the earlier notification October 4, and restricted the exports of Syringes with or without needs of the denominations including 0.5 ml/1ml AD (auto-disable) syringes, 0.5/1 ml/2ml/3 ml disposable syringes and 1 ml/2 ml and 3 ml RUP (re-use prevention) syringes with immediate effect.

“All other syringes falling under HS code specified above or under any other HS code are freely exportable. The procedure for submission and approval of applications for export of syringes has been notified vide trade notice No. 20/2021-22 dated October 5, 2021,” it added.

With the government announcing its intention to revoke restriction partially, Rajiv Nath, president of the All India Syringe & Needle Manufacturers Association (AISNMA), the nodal body for domestic syringe manufacturers has recently said, “So the syringes that are not used for Covid vaccination like insulin syringes, 0.3 ML, 5 ML and larger sizes of 10 ML, 20 ML & 50 ML etc will be allowed to be exported. This is definitely going to be a relief for India’s international buyers and will majorly help to maintain India’s reputation as a credible global supplier & our relationship built over the years with them”.

In another notification, the department also amended the export policy of all diagnostic kits and reagents, including instruments and apparatus, which were restricted through two notifications, to allow exports of these products.

This include the RNA extraction kits and reagents, RT-PCR kits and reagents, 15 ml falcon tube or cryovials, swabs - sterile synthetic fibre swabs (nylon, polyester, rayon or dacron), silicon columns, poly adenylic acid or carrier RNA, proteinase K, magnetic stand, beads, probes and primers (specific for Covid-19 testing), Taq polymerase enzyme, reverse transcriptase enzyme, deoxynucleotide triphosphates and Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits.




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