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Inordinate delay in the process of certificate registration by the office of the Andhra Pradesh Pharmacy Council

November 6, 2020

The B Pharm and D Pharm holders in Andhra Pradesh are having a trying time as there is inordinate delay in the process of certificate registration by the office of the Andhra Pradesh Pharmacy Council (APPC) which is located in Guntur.

In addition to the fresh applicants, the community pharmacists also hover around the council office for renewal purposes or at least getting back the original documents they furnished for renewing their certificates. According to students and pharmacists, because of the inordinate delay in the process, freshers are unable to find a space in the pharmacy professional sector and the working pharmacists encounter many problems for not getting renewed.

Office-bearers of the Pharmacy Association of Andhra Pradesh (PAAP), an organization of ten thousand registered pharmacists, have recently met the registrar of the council and apprised him of the issues they face in getting their certificates registered. According to Lukka Naresh, vice-president of the PAAP, the registrar on being informed of the issue cites the reason that for considering fresh applications the original certificates need to be sent to the colleges to affirm whether the applicant had studied there as a regular student. This process of verification takes a period of six month to one year, which in turn delays the future plans of the students.

Naresh said unlike other state councils, the APPC wants 12 documents for the purpose of registration. Apart from the original degree certificate, the council mandates for furnishing the originals of provisional certificates, consolidated marks memo, original mark sheet, study certificate form colleges, transfer certificates (TC), copy of PCI approval of the colleges they studied, copies of SSC and Plus 2, copy of Aadhaar Card, passport size photo and a notary affidavit. For renewals, a working/service certificate is also required. According to him, APPC wants all these proofs when the neighboring SPCs require only four or five documents.

Recently, the PCI sent one circular to all the SPCs asking them to verify the students’ data with the institutions or universities before getting the certificates registered with the councils as there was a report of bogus certificates produced by some applicants. L N Raju, president of the PAAP and a working pharmacist at Sreekakulam said this process of verification takes more than six months, hence the registration process is delayed. He wanted the APPC to convert the verification process online rather than sending the certificates by post or by courier services.

Y Uday Bhaskar, general secretary of the pharmacy association, said except one or two cases, no registration or renewal was held in the APPC after December 2019.


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