PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.

More than APIs, Indian pharma industry needs to reduce dependency on drug intermediates: Premchand Godha

During a webinar, “Pharma Intermediates & APIs: Chemistry of Growth Ingredients’’, Premchand Godha, Chairman and MD, Ipca Laboratories, said that, there is a need for revised thinking on government policies to reduce country’s dependency on import of active pharma ingredients (API), drug intermediates (DIs) from China, and become a self-reliant industry. Godha highlighted that the country’s dependency for drug intermediates is much larger than APIs, because, in the formation of an API, several drug intermediates along with solvents are required. So keeping this in view, significant efforts need to be put into reducing our dependency for drug intermediates as well.

He added that the industry needs to focus on formulating strategies from the long term perspective, to grow as well as remain competitive in the global pharma market. He also mentioned that the pharma industry should not only be dependent on bringing change chemically, but also look up for making significant investments in adopting newer advanced technologies because the future is largely dependent on cutting edge technology. Godha continued that there are many drug which need considerable focus to reduce their import dependency, and hence, pharma companies need to identify those drugs and scale up their capacity accordingly.However, he pointed out that considerable working capital will be required for continuous tech up-gradation, but overall it will give better returns.

Summing up, he highlighted that there is a major need for a broad-based approach and policies should be framed keeping long term point of view in mind. In the future, while the government is formulating any new scheme for the pharma industry, they should consider the overall industry and design the schemes accordingly.


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