PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.

Meet the Team

Anil Chopra | Managing Director

Anil has decades of experience in the media industry in India, Germany, UAE and US. He formed Infocast Systems Private Limited in 2005. Prior to this he published successful magazine titles such as Playback and Fast Forward, Studio Systems, Pro Sound Systems, Cinema Systems, and Optical Disc Systems. He was Managing Director of Diversified Communications India Pvt Ltd 2009-2016. He created successful expos such as PALM, AV-ICN and many others. His vision for Imprint magazine is to develop India’s pharma manufacturing to global standards.

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Anuradha Chopra | Managing Director

Anu is the Keeper of the Coin. Financial acumen in expenses audit and cash-flow is her strength. She has a long experience in managing publishing and trade expo finances. Human Resources diplomacy is another asset she brings to the team. She is also Approver of Foreign Trips and travel and her experience is invaluable in building up successful media platforms that last and provide profit. She has experience in making deals for advertising and expo participation which our clients appreciate. She imparts team spirit and motivation as a habit in having seen creation of numerous expos, summits, seminars and magazines in a career spanning decades.

Neha Sharma | Business Development Manager

Neha Sharma is a graduate in IT from Mumbai University. Her eagerness to use her knowledge of science and IT in journalism makes her a perfect fit to create Imprint’s unique content for magazine and website platform. Through her hard working focused style she drives accumulation of Imprint’s knowledge base in Pharma manufacturing industry. Neha is skilled in creating communities establishing Imprint’s social media, nurturing relationships with Indian Pharma manufacturing leadership. Her enthusiasm to play a role in modernizing production and deliver frontier-edge technology to Indian Pharma makes her the perfect individual to lead Imprint’s editorial team.

Kiran pandey | Accountant

Kiran joined Imprint as one of the original team, enthused and attracted by the close camaraderie of the team and intense motivation to achieve success in a high-value start-up out of change the manufacturing scene in Indian Pharma. She handles the challenging task of managing finances and arranging the tech needs of the company. Commercializing revenue opportunities presented by print and digital eco systems is a new experience that motivates her. She is a solid team player sharing Imprint’s to earn kudos in providing the right impetus to Indian Pharma manufacturing.

Pooja Dhoriwal | Manager

Pooja is with Infocast since 2008 based in New Delhi as manager for advertising, database, running our office in INS, the newspaper society office in the capital. Pooja in the last 12 years has gained experience with the PALM expo and Fine Food India expo. Her knowledge of the capitals expo venues and how the city works makes her an invaluable asset to connect with factories and reach the most difficult place one can imagine. Imprint’s reach and Pooja’s long loyalty to Imprint will ensure our customers get the best circulation and distribution of collateral plus connect in a difficult marketplace.

Kishan Chauhan | Web Developer

Kishan did GNIIT from NIIT in software engineering as web developer and web designing. As one of the original staff members of Imprint Kishan is committed to Imprint’s vision and unique value proposition. He is overseeing all technology solutions to deliver a new and fresh approach to connecting with the Pharma markets. He is digital production in-charge at Imprint for website, print magazine and social media, digital marketing, automation and tools.

Sunil Bendure | Office Assistant

Sunil has been with Infocast since 1999. Twenty one years of logistics and office administration. Magazine circulation and dispatch is an important part of Sunil’s responsibilities. Back end support to all operations has been Sunil’s contribution. Sunil runs the office hospitality and weathers all requests whether Indian masala chai or coffee or warm lunches. This level of commitment ensures magazines go to press on time!! And those dreaming of not paying their advertising bills are visited by yours truly. This ensures we remain strong and robust.


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