PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.

Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning by Parth

Description: Operator

Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning Machine (PAJC-120)



Air & Vacuum Cleaning Machine is inbuilt with Turntable for smooth transfer of container to the Cleaning Section. This machine works with the principal of back pressure of container. Container feed by the Turntable to reach to the separator assembly, which transfers the container to the cleaning section one after the. Air & Vacuum Cleaning Machine consists of two Inverters, which inverts container and push it to cleaning section through back pressure of other container, Cleaning section is equipped with continuous vacuum system. Container reaches to the cleaning section a pair of air nozzles starts to flush the air inside the neck of the container and simultaneously vacuum will suck the particles, disturbed by the air. Then container passes to the inverter, where the containers are re-inverted in upright position and then after container moves for next operation.



  • Clutch operated star wheel to push the bottle
  • SS Pressure Gauge.
  • Stationary SS nozzles.
  • Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning.
  • Separate control for air pressure
  • High efficient blower to clean container properly
  • Manual loading and automatic unloading container
  • Easy operating system


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