PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.


The HICAPSEAL 125 hermetically seals the cap and the body of the capsule at high speed. The HICAPSEAL 125 is available with 125,000 per hour. 
In addition, it is also equipped with an alignment mechanism and a color-sensing inspection mechanism. 
Each roller can independently adjust the position of the capsules, so that the bands can be placed more accurately. Since adjustments can be made even while the machine is in use, the setup time can be drastically reduced.
The HICAPSEAL 125 is drastically easier to maintain, and its setup time has significantly been reduced. The slats can easily be attached or detached with a special jig. In addition, it is equipped with a drop-prevention feature for the carriers.
The carriers in the drying unit can also be attached or detached with a simple touch.

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Features and Benefits :-

Check function whether or not capsules are sealed (at customer’s option, only if there is color di­erence)

 Automatic regular rehydration function to seal liquid (at customer’s option)

The seal roller height and sealing position are independent adjustment mechanism. They can be adjusted even during machine operation

The seal slat and the drying carrier are can be attached and detached in a single operation.

Parts in direct contact with pharmaceuticals can be attached and detached without tools.

Drying unit is separable to easily upgrade drying capacity.

Compact size, the footprint is the smallest in its class.



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