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CVC Technologies develops Plugger and Capper machine

The CVC 6092 monoblock combines multiple-station filling, plugging, and capping or crimping in one machine, providing exceptional flexibility, stability and durability.

Description: CVC 6092 Filler / Plugger and Capper

High Speed Label Machine; SHL - 150

 Possibilities are limitless with the CVC 6092 series, which handles with ease the different steps required for multi component applications like nasal sprays or dropper bottles.


§  Three in one: liquid filling, plug/stopper inserting, capping/crimping are accomplished in one machine.

§  Wide application range includes eye drops, nasal sprays, breath fresheners, food color, iodine tinctures, and mercurochrome products to name a few.

§  Servo motor control provides reliable and repeatable results for all stations.

§  All contact parts are SS316 and medical grade silicone, with mechanical frame built in SS304.

§  Bottles are fed accurately into each station through indexing starwheel.

§  PLC control with HMI.

§  Stainless steel construction meets cGMP requirements.

§  Nitrogen purging prior to filling reduces head space oxygen.

§  SS 316L volumetric filling pistons provides accurate dosing.

§  Mist pumps are arranged by means of vibratory sorters and placed accurately by a plunger.

§  A crimping head seals the pump to the bottle.

§  Flange applicator is placed and secured to the pump by means of a pick & place arm.

§  HMI with user friendly controls.

§  Ease of operation and maintenance.

§  Stainless steel construction meets cGMP requirements.

Technical Specifications:

(for reference only, subject to customization.)


CVC 6092 & CVC 6092-2 Series

Power source

220 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase

Power consumption

0.5 KW approx.

Compressed air

100 L/m at 6 Kg/cm2

Machine dimensions

1,500(L) x 1,400(W) x 1,800(H) mm (approx)

No. of filling heads

1, 2, 4


20 ~ 60 bpm (depending on application)

Closure types

plugs, droppers, spray pumps, caps,

overcaps, rubber stopper, alu crimp.


Nitrogen filling (pre-fill / post-fill)


Technical Data

Technical Specifications

Power source

220V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase

Power consumption

0.4 KW

Machine dimensions

1,550(L) x 1,550(W) x 1,450(H) mm

Compressed air

100 Lit/min at 5 kg/cm²




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