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Fluid Bed Dryer by KPM Pharma Machineries

cGMP Fluid Bed Dryer with latest improved design makes this unit a truly versatile for Pharmaceutical, Food, Dyestuff, agriculture & Chemical industries. Our Fluid Bed Dryer is capable of drying materials in any forms like granular, powder or crystalline.

Fluid Bed Dryers (FBD) are used to dry materials by fluidization with hot air, and that will create turbulence in the wet product while flowing through it. Normally an initial moisture content upto 20% is ideal but materials with higher initial moisture content can be dried successfully.

  • 2.5 kg to 500kg batch capacity.
  • Available in GMP and Non-GMP Model (MOC: SS316 / SS304 / M.S).
  • Pre air filtration by 20 micron filters and secondary by 5 micron filters, Final air filtration through HEPA (0.3 micron) filters (OPTIONAL).
  • Intrinsically safe earthing system ensures complete elimination of static charge.
  • On-line Sampling Port for easy sampling during operation.
  • Pneumatically operated inflatable seals provided for filter bag and product container sealing with pressure switches & FRL to ensure fail safe operation.
  • Top mounted pneumatic cylinder (directly coupled) for shaking (without wire rope system). (OPTIONAL)
  • Heating mode Electrical / Steam & Thermic Fluid.
  • Flameproof Motor with FLP Push Button and Flameproof Control Panel. (OPTIONAL)

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