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Fluid Bed R&D Processing by GEA Group

December 05, 2020

Contained and Flexible Granulation

Based on a long history of experience, thousands of completed tests and with plants installed around the world, we have established a solid base of manufacturing plant and pharmaceutical process expertise. Highlighting the importance of R&D, GEA offers three complementary laboratory scale units, capable of processing batch sizes from 50 g to more than 6 kg. GEA's completely contained granulation line for R&D takes the process from dispensed raw materials to finished tablet. The system offers unsurpassed process flexibility - during high shear granulation, pelletization and/or blending, etc. – in a totally contained environment. It illustrates how GEA's inspired technology can be used to provide a total solution that's tailored to suit each user’s specific requirements, whether through integration or split valve technology.

The system is aimed at producers of small quantities of highly potent compounds. The intelligent contained handling systems inherent in the GEA pilot plant allow it to be flexible, efficient, clean and safe without the need for expensive, bulky and difficult to clean isolator systems. Furthermore the level of containment avoids the need for costly and uncomfortable air-suits, allowing the users to focus on the product, creating faster and more secure results.

Contained Product Transfer

The system includes examples of both rigid and disposable product transfer technologies, offering containment down to low nanogram levels. These options include

  • the disposable Hicoflex® system, providing significantly lower capital and running costs compared with rigid IBC technology and rapid product changeover for improved plant utilization
  • the unique, modular Buck® MC Valve with its simple design that enables complete container-to-container transfer flexibility
  • the Buck® TC Valve, the highest performing split valve available in the marketplace; by introducing a wash step prior to valve separation, the Buck® TC Valve is capable of low nanogram level performance.

  • Integrated Approach

    All of these technologies are brought together in an integrated process system that mimics the hundreds of large-scale plants provided by GEA globally. It epitomizes the approach of ensuring that customers receive the same technology from the laboratory through to production, using the same containment and process technologies to guarantee seamless scale-up and the most flexible blend of process capabilities.


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