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GEA offers MODUL P Tablet Press

December 04, 2020

The MODUL™ P tablet press provides similar performance and control characteristics to its PERFORMA™ cousin – with one essential difference: the ECM. The MODUL™ P is ideally suited for formulation development, clinical trial production and small-batch / multi-product production. The extremely short changeover time offered by the MODUL™ P results in a tremendous increase in productivity, especially when the production schedule involves a succession of many small batches.

Small-scale Production

The MODUL™ P features the unique Exchange Compression Module (ECM) for standard and high containment applications. The ECM encloses all product-contact parts in a sealed unit and can quickly and easily be removed from the machine in a contained manner for cleaning and replaced with a pre-prepared unit to allow production to resume in 30 minutes.

Small-scale Continuous Bi-layer Tablet Production

The MODUL™ P is also available with an Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) for bi-layer tablet production. The MODUL™ P with bi-layer ECM is the first press to enter the market that enables continuous bi-layer tableting on a small scale. It is the perfect solution to your bi-layer formulation development, clinical trial and other small-scale production needs.

  • Standard or Wash-off-Line ECM
  • Single and bi-layer capabilities in dust-tight and washable execution
  • Choice of different compression modes (force control, dual control and advanced dual control)
  • High sensitivity weight control for small tablets and those requiring low compression forces
  • Dual reject feature
  • Latest HMI for complete process control, including peripherals, for lights-out operation.

  • Benefits
  • Fast product changeover, improved productivity and a safe working environment
  • Extended dwell time at pre- and main compression without any loss of linear speed.
  • Individual control of tablet hardness.
  • Flexible operation for small-medium. production and R&D operations with seamless scale-up.
  • Medium throughput of up to 244.800 tablets/h.

  • Technical Specifications

    The MODUL™ P is available for D, B, BB and BBS tooling:

    Tooling D B BB BBS
    Max. tablet diameter [mm] 25,4 16 (L=19) 13 (L=14,3) 11
    Punch body diameter [mm] 25,4 19 19 19
    Outside die diameter [mm] 38,1 30,16 24 22
    Die height [mm] 23,81 22,22 22,22 22,22
    Number of stations 21 26 31 34
    Max. fill depth [mm] 20 19 19 19
    Top punch penetration [mm] 1 to 4
    Max. pre-compression force [kN] 10
    Max. main compression force [kN] 80
    Max. output capacity [tab/h] 126.000 187.000 223.000 244.800
    Electrical requirements 3phase+PE – 380 / 400 / 415 / 460 / 480 V – 50Hz / 60Hz
    (nominal consumption 6 kW; power installed 11,9 kVA)
    Compressed air requirements clean & dry / 7-8 bar / 500l/m
    Dust extraction requirements 150 m³/h at 15 mbar
    Machine dimensions & weight W = 1.030 mm x D = 1.555 mm x H = 2.170 m – 2.500 kg

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