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Low Temperature Pulverizer - Cloud Mill presented by Yenchen Machinery

December 30, 2020

  • High yield, efficient system to ensure low waste of raw material
  • High pulverization efficiency, i.e. high kg/kW ratio
  • A wide range of particle size supported and customizable by demand. Grinding size up to 500 mesh
  • Simple maintenance: Small number of assembly parts and inexpensive consumables
  • Simple operation yet detailed control through large LCD touch panel
  • Applications:

    Nuts, Spices, Mixed grain, Herbal medicine, Food, Chemical materials, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical materials, Fishmeal, Paper powder

  • Undergone low enthalpy and low thermal denaturation
  • Extended life cycle
  • High uniformity in particle size distribution; low quantity of under- or over-pulverized particle s
  • Adept to mix with other particle s -> efficient manufacturing
  • Good permeability
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