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MODUL™ Q Tablet Press from GEA

The MODUL™ Q rotary tablet press sets new standards in efficiency, productivity and reliability.

01 April, 2021, Mumbai;Like its predecessors, the MODUL™ Q features GEA’s Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM). However, the next generation version of the ECM is even more convenient to use and offers a higher level of containment performance. Dust-free operation is also possible.

MODUL™ Q Tablet Press

With easier access for cleaning and set-up operations and improved functionality, the MODUL™ Q also incorporates the Exchangeable Die Disc, which was only previously available on the PERFORMA™ P press. Operationally, the MODUL™ Q has a bigger pitch diameter and, in terms of size, is positioned between the MODUL™ P and MODUL™ S. The use of A tooling is now possible, which allows 51 punch stations to be incorporated and an output of up to 367,200 tablets per hour to be achieved. Further, the MODUL™ Q benefits from the new, highly intuitive, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant Multi Control 5 (MC5) control system and boasts a more aesthetically pleasing housing.

Other Key Features

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness monitoring
  • Single and bilayer compression
  • Freely adjustable dwell time control at pre- and main compression
  • A compact footprint (1 m²).

Challenging Formulations

Designed for full-scale production, the MODUL™ Q is simple to assemble, operate and clean, and offers previously unattainable levels of containment. Manufacturers are welcome to bring their most challenging formulations to the company’s plant in Halle, Belgium, for trials and testing.




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