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OEM Oral Syringes Accessories

As your OEM collaborator, we specialize in developing customized, safety‑enhancing solutions for medication handling and delivery helping to provide your products with the distinctive edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

We've created an Oral Liquid Medication Delivery portfolio with a full range of syringes, sizes, packaging configurations and accessories so that you can decide the drug delivery system that works best for your pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Features include:

·         Clearly marked graduations to help promote accurate volume identification

·         Custom logo and graduated marking capabilities.

·         Dispenser tip designed to prevent wrong‑route administration

·         Amber syringes available to provide protection for light‑sensitive drugs

·         "Oral use only" labeling and white plunger rod provide clear differentiation from IV syringes

·         Distinctive blue printing designed for easy‑to‑read dose marking lines, even with dark liquids

·         Self‑righting tip caps designed for single‑handed capping

Your dedicated representative is knowledgeable about pharmaceutical industry requirements and available to help you choose the right solution for your specific pharmaceutical application.

Customization/Proprietary Branding

Our experts collaborate with you to design customized solutions that meet your unique needs and specifications.

Even for smaller production runs, we work diligently to meet your proprietary design requirements, from custom colorant options to private labeling.

Regulatory Support

As a medical device manufacturer, we have regulatory experts on staff that monitor the ever‑changing regulatory environment and assist you with streamlining your approval process on new products. Baxter collaborates with you to provide the necessary regulatory documentation to help ensure the timely delivery of your products to market.

We maintain Drug Master Files for all products sold to pharmaceutical companies and our Product Specifications indicate materials of construction and conformity to applicable biocompatibility requirements. Quality and compliance are fundamental in our culture. We manufacture to cGMP standards, and our products fully comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

Products are CE‑marked, as appropriate.

All appropriate certifications and documentation are available upon request.

Packaging & Product Sterilization

Our products can be packaged to maintain their cleanliness and integrity within your outer packaging. We offer a variety of packaging configurations to fit your individual requirements, regardless of how many components comprise your solution. Examples of our packaging options include:

·         Latex‑free flow‑wrap

·         Soft or hard blisters

·         Resealable pouches

·         Heat‑sealed poly bags

·         Foil wrapping

Bar coding is also available to assist with your inventory control.

If product sterilization is required, Baxter can assist with the available validation and sterilization options.

Syringes & Accessories


The EXACTAMED Syringe is used to facilitate safer, more accurate oral liquid drug administration. Non‑luer tip prevents misconnection risk in the hospital setting. Syringe barrels can be customized with your logo, message and scale imprints, and an array of text, barrel and plunger colorant options. Multiple packaging choices are available. Sizes: 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 35 and 60 mL

Description: Syringe

Syringes contain no natural rubber latex components.


·         Syringe/barrel: PP (polypropylene)

·         Silicone o‑ring


Description: Adaptacaps

Tethered, reclosable cap facilitates easy, mess‑free withdrawal of medications from a bottle using Baxter Oral Syringes. Multiple sizes are available to fit most oral medication bottles. Contains no natural rubber latex components. Also available with valved straw assembly for filling dispensers from large‑source containers without inverting.


Description: Bottle adapters

Bottle‑specific adapter accommodates a child‑proof cap and facilitates easy, mess‑free withdrawal of medications from a bottle using Baxter Oral Syringes. Contains no natural rubber latex components and is available in many standard sizes, or can be customized to fit your unique bottle.


Description: Self righting tip caps

Used to seal filled Baxter Oral Syringes and eliminate leakage. Self‑righting design for single‑handed capping makes batch filling easy.


Description: Universal bottle adapters

Graduated plug with orifice and tethered closure fits bottles with a neck opening of 13 to 22 mm and facilitates easy, mess‑free withdrawal of medications from a bottle using Baxter Oral Syringes.



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