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Planetary Mixer from Ramashary Pharma Machinery

7th June, 2021 Mumbai;

Additional frequency drive or dual speed motor can be placed into service

A small volume of mixer. The beater is designed for optimum minimum efficiency and output without generating frictional heat between the bowl, and the beater. Bowl can be jacketed for heating / cooling the product.

Planetary Mixer

To avoid spillage conical cover with observation window is provided. For achieving the homogenous mixing the beater has provided with tow rotational motions one around itself & the other along the circle of the bowl. Various forms & shaped of beater is available (heart hook & cage shaped) as per suiting the product process needs. Additional frequency drive or dual speed motor can be placed into service. Manual, motorised, & hydraulic lifting arrangement for bowl is provided as per the capacity ratio. This is mainly used for solid to liquid mixing.


  • • Capacity: 5 Ltrs to 1000 Ltrs.




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