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Planetary Mixer / Emulsifier from Vitro Pharma Machinery

The Planetary motion of the mixing beater ensures effective homogenous mixing of the various ingredients

7th May, 2021 Mumbai;

Planetary Mixers are used for dry mixing and dough mixing. The homogenous mixing of various lngredients of different densities in different proportions for solid/solid, liquid/solid, and liquld/Iiquid is achieved effectively by the use of Planetary Mixer.

Vacuum Jacketed Planetary Mixers for the preparation of ointment; toothpaste; creams; suspensions are designed to achieve the best results.

All contact parts are made from S S 304 or SS 316 steel as per client’s requirements. Standard Mixer is available in 200, 350 and 600 Ltrs… capacities. The Planetary motion of the mixing beater ensures effective homogenous mixing of the various ingredients. Standard Mixer consists of single mixing beater which rotates in planetary motion i.e. clock wise direction about the central axis and anticlock wise direction about its own axis. The main drive, lifting and lowering operations is motorised. The product bowl is mounted on castar wheels for easy portability for washing and transporting the material.

Planatory- Mixer Planatory Mixer / Emulsifier

Vacuum Jacketed Mixer consists of two open beaters moving in planetary motion, scraper blade and centrally located high shear emulsifier run by a separate motor for Manufacturer of creams, ointments, suspensions etc

Technical Specifications:

MODEL S200 S350 S500 V200 V350 V600
Gross Capacity Ltrs 200 380 520 200 350 600
Blow ID mm 750 900 1050 750 900 1100
Blow Ht mm 500 600 600 540 600 700
Main Motor HP 7.5 10.0 15.0 7.5 10.0 15.0
Lift Motor HP 1.0 1.5 2.0 1.0 1.0 2.0
Overall Dimension 1100x 1100x 1400x 1100x 1255x 1525x




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