PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.

Powder Transfer System by Crystal Automation

Powder Transfer System by Crystal Automation

For Vacuum Transfer of Powders, Granules, Sugar, Tablets and Pellets in Pharma and Food Industries

High Speed Label Machine; SHL - 150

For charging of RMG, Sifter, Mill, Mixer, Blender, Bin, Tablet Press or any other such equipment

Key Features:

  • Can be used for transfer of products having bulk densities upto 1.0gm/cc
  • Total Discharge no Retention
  • No segregation or degradation of Product
  • No tool required for opening & cleaning
  • Available in three sizes for upto 300, 600 & 1200 kg/hr, depending on bulk density and nature of product
  • Compact design, complying with current international gmp norms
  • Universal adaptability can be easily installed on any receiving equipment like process tank, ibc, conical mill,pin mill, blender, tablet press etc.
  • Adaptors provided to suit existing inter opening on user's equipment
  • Economical and easy to install and operate
  • All contact parts made of ss304 / ss316 / ss316l and Pharma grade gaskets / seals
  • No use of oil or grease in any of the contact parts
  • Mobile trolley mounted version also available
  • All validation documents like dq/iq/oq are supplied with the system


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