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Reva Pharma offers Turbo Mixer Machine

December 19, 2020

  • Multi - Directional Motion Mixer is a novel material mixer extensively used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Metallurgical food. Light and Agricultural industries.
  • This machine can carry out highly even mixing of powders of granules.
  • So that the mixed material can reach their best effectiveness.
  • The Mixing Barrel is supported by the driving and driven shafts which are crossed in space and also vertical to each other. And are respectively connected by Y-type universal joint.
  • So that the Mixing Barrel makes unique translational, turning, roking and rolling motions in a solid 3-dimensional space.
  • Thereby speeds up the flow and diffusion of the materials being mixed. While avoid the specific gravity segregation of materials due to the action of centrifugal force in an ordinary mixer. And ensures the materials to reach an ideal mixing within a short time.

    10 20 25 1 1100 x 710 x 700 H
    20 40 25 1.5 1100 x 950 x 700 H


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