PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.

Rotary Tableting Machine by Jaguar GMC

GMC Rotary Tableting Machines (RTM) are of following types

1) Standard Model
2) GMP Model

Rotary Tableting Machine





Each of the above have got 4 Models

Model 1: Mini — 6 to 16 Stations (JM) Standard & GMP for R & D/Pilot Plant For Simulation of production Model with Mixed tooling (D, B, BB) Suitable for ‘DS’ tablet with Bi-layer option. 16-station machine is with B Tooling.

Model 2: Single Sided 16 to 23 stations (JS).Standard & GMP Heavy Duty Machine.

Suitable for veternity, Herbal, Chemicals minerals, confectionary, metal pharmaceuticals & Neutraceuticals. Single/ Double sided models. R & D/ Pilot scale Model. Bi-layer compression machines, machines with pre compression. PLC & computer interfaced controls. 23 — Station machine is with B- Tooling.

Model 3: Double Sided — 23 Stn to 45 Stn. (JD) Standard & GMP with pre-compression options with Bi-layer options.

23 — Station with ‘D’ Tooling 27 — Station with ‘D’ Tooling 35 — Station With ‘B’ Tooling 45 — Station with ‘BB’ Tooling

Model 4: Presses — Double Sided — 45 to 71 Stations. (DH) With Pre compression options, with Bi-layer Tablet options.

45 — Station with ‘D’ Tooling 55 — Station with ‘B’ Tooling 65 — Station with ‘BB’ Tooling 71 — Station with ‘BB’ Tooling

All the above machines have Dust Extractor System De-dusters, IPC Loader System, Punch Storage Cabinet, Punch Polishing Kit, and Die Removal/ Fitting Kit.


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