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Singhania Tableting Presents Tablet Press

Control knobs fitted with Seiko dials for fine control.

Mega Press

25 January, 2021 Mumbai; Higher output and minimum maintenance, this mega press design is guided by our philosophy of providing simple and efficient tableting solutions.

Mega Press at a glance The mega press has center drive, with no gear on the turret. The machine is designed for 10 tons pre-compression pressure. All eight compression rollers are identical and interchangeable. The rollers do not require continuous lubrication. Front control for all external control mechanisms. Multi chamber food grade gravity feeder.

Upper punches completely covered to avoid powder settlement. Common hopper for rotary and gravity feeder. Bottom driven rotary feeder. Control knobs fitted with Seiko dials for fine control. Separate control panel, not attached to the press. PLC based control. Optional – Bi layer tablets.

Technical Details:
Model Stations Round Tablet (Max Dia.) Caplet (Max Length) Max Pressure Punch Type Die Type Tablet Output (Per Hour) 40 rpm
AM D-D-45 45 25 25 10 D D 216,000
AM B-B-61 61 18.5 19 6.5 B B 292,000
AM B-BB-75 75 13 16 6.5 B BB 360,000


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