PharmaLytica 2021 Hyderabad review.



Tablet Inspection from Matcon

A full tablet or capsule batch can be gently transferred with minimal operator intervention, saving significant operator time compared to traditional drums.

3rd May 2021 Mumbai

Instead of manual feeding the Tablet Inspection equipment, a full coater batch can be automatically fed from a Tablet IBC. By not splitting the batches it reduces the number of connections to make/break and container movements.

This reduces operator involvement and means it can be conducted as a closed process in line with GMP.

Tablet Inspection

More Ergonomic

Tablet IBCs enable automation of the transfers, reduces the number of movements between process steps and labour for operators.

Features at a Glance

  • Large batch transfers possible
  • High processing efficiency
  • Gentle tablet handling design
  • Single-floor or through-floor feeding capability




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