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Tablet De-Duster Machine

PP4 Tablet Cleaning and de-burring unit

The - PP4 is the most effective deduster available today because it is equipped with an unique clearing system that effectively removes all loose dust and static powder, adhered to the tablets. PP4 is ideal for batch cleaning and dusting or direct hook up to even the fastest tableting machines.

The PP4 cleans, deducts and deburrs tablets by means of vibration and vacuum as the tablets travel through a 3.2 meters long spiral perforated path.

The tablets are then ready to make a perfect coating finish or for immediate packaging in containers, strips or blisters.


  • Output : Upto 4,00,000 tablets/hr.
  • Tablet Travel Distance : 3.2 meters.
  • Travel Time : 16 to 40 secs depending on speed and vibration.
  • Suction Requirement : 100-150 cfm at approx. 3" column of water.
  • Power Supply : 220 volts, Single Phase, 50 cycles/sec 2 Amps.
  • Dimention : 50" X 30" X 24"
  • Net Weight : 100 Kg.
  • Gross Weight : 175 Kgs.


  • Robust Construction.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Individual power collecting tray provided under each perforated tray for optimum dedusting.
  • High output capacity upto 4,50,000 tablets/hr.
  • Simple to operate and easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Infinitely variable vibration speed for optimal tablet cleaning and deburring.
  • No wearing parts thereby reducing spares requirement.
  • Cleans all size and shape tablet with gentle and non scratch cleaning.
  • All contacts parts manufactured from stainless steel with acrylic housing to met GMP standards.
  • Optional adjustable heights stand to fit and Tableting Machine.






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