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Tablet Tester with Five Parameter by Campbell Electronics


With WWTDH 550's advanced microprocessor control, accuracy and versatility are now together in one instrument and capable to measure width, thickness, diameter and hardness. The functionality of the WWTDH 550 can be extended by attaching analytical balance through the serial port for the fifth parameter 'weight' of the tablet can be recorded and correlated to other measurement parameters.


The tablets are placed manually, one after the other, into the test zone of the instrument. The top-loading jaw design accommodates any shape and size of the tablet with out changing any alternative / additional jaws.


CFR21 part 11 feature of password protection at different levels is incorporated in WWTDH 550 with three levels namely Administrator, Supervisor and User.

Create Recipe feature reduces the pre-test settings thus saves user' time. While creating the recipe one can feed the nominal values; plausible limits by setting tolerances -T2, -T1, +T1 & +T2; units of measurement for all parameters of the product. Up to 50 recipes can be created and stored. When test started it prompts to select the recipe, the selected recipe information will be loaded to perform the test. Sample size can be set from 0 to 100 for each parameter independently per test. User friendly 'menu driven operation' through PC compatible key board makes the operator comfortably go with instrument at minimum period of self-training.


After completion of the test, user can view the test results on monitor like large 240 X 128 LC display. After completion of the test a comprehensive test report is generated & stored in memory and it can be only printed as and when required number of copies, once new test started the previous test report will be erased and same will be prompted on the display. Test report comprise of Instrument Information, User Information, Product information, Test Information, Statistics and Test Data.


In addition to the test report WWTDH 550 generates User Report, Recipe Report, Calibration Report, Verification Report and Test Report.


Calibration & Verification


Calibration / Verification of Hardness parameter as well as distance parameter can easily be performed in lab any time using supplied calibration kit and optional certified 5Kg weight & 10mm gauge block. The compact space saving design includes removable stainless steel / acrylic tray along with cleaning brush, to neatly retrieve the tablet debris.


Technical Specification



Large 240X128 Blue Graphic LC Display


Through PC compatible Keyboard


Allowed Range

Units of Measurement


As per the analytical   balance connected

Milligrams / Grams


upto 20mm

Millimeters / Inches


upto 20mm

Millimeters / Inches


upto 45mm

Millimeters / Inches


3 to 500 N

N, Kp, Sc, UD (User Defined)



PC Compatible Keyboard, Interface for Analytical Balance, Parallel



PC Interface



Parallel Printer Interface cable, Mains cord, In-built calibration kit, Tablet Debris collection tray, Cleaning Brush,

Operating   Manual.



Certified hardened chrome plated brass bullion weight 5Kg for Hardness calibration.

Certified hardened chrome plated brass bullion weight 10Kg for Hardness verification.

Certified stainless steel gauge block 10mm for distance parameter calibration.

Certified stainless steel gauge blocks for verification of distance parameters - 5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40mm

Epson LX300 dot Matrix printer.



IQ/OQ Documents available


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