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Ultrasonic Sieve Deblinding by Russell

Russell Finex's innovative ultrasonic sieve deblinding system has revolutionized the way difficult powders are screened on sieve meshes, increasing capacities and allowing accurate separation down to 20µm.

Ultrasonic Sieve

Known as the patented Vibrasonic® Deblinding System (VDS), the system consists of a generator and a probe and applies an ultrasonic frequency directly to the mesh screen, effectively making the mesh wires friction free and eliminating blinding and blocking of the mesh apertures.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases capacity - Ultrasonics can improve sieving capacities by up to 10 times by enabling powders to pass through screens faster
  • Reduces production downtime - Prevents screen overload and requires a lower frequency of mesh cleaning
  • Improve your product quality - Sieve on finer meshes (as low as 20μm) and obtain a better quality final product
  • Lowers running costs - Reduces mesh damage and the need for repairs and replacement mesh caused by mechanical deblinding systems


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