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Bi – Layer Tablet Press (GMP) (Pilot 200)

Tablet Press – PILOT 200 DL is a High Tech Double Layer & Mono layer Rotary Tablet Press is essential for R & D and small batch production. This Single sided R & D Double Layer Tablet Press fully conforms to GMP and the safety requirements, featuring versatility with a quick change of tooling.

For the suitable adjustment during double – layer tablet development, fully independent weight, height and hardness system are used for both the first and second layer. The Turret is driven centrally by a motor and Reduction gear box. The turret speed is adjusted by A.C. frequency drive. It’s available in
Regular Model D’ Tooling or B’ Tooling
Multi Tooling – D+B & DB

Salient features:-

·         The speed of the Turret is adjustable through ACVF variable drive system.

·         The Speed of the Force feeder Adjustable with A.C.V.F. Variable drives system.

·         All Electrical Controls on Touch Screen.

·         Excellent accessibility for quick cleaning and product conversion.

·         Turret – Central drive Mechanism with Powerful Gearbox.

·         Machine with Pre-Compression.

·         Double Compression Mechanism for Double Layer Tablet.

·         Dust Suction Nozzle Arrangement.

·         Tablet Thickness & Weight adjustment controls outside compression zone.

·         All critical parts made in CNC machines.

·         Turret Die plate & material contact parts are made of SS 316.

·         Three piece Turret with keyway to suites any shaped Tablet Punches.

·         Outside controls for quick setting of Tablet thickness & Weight adjustment.

·         Gravity feeding system for Easy charging of granules & minimum wastage of material.

·         Force Feeder system for Second layer.

·         First layer Pneumatic ejection for checking weight.

·         Totally enclosed. GMP model.

·         All Fasteners are of SS 304.

·         All Guards magnet catch with Stainless steel Covers.

·         All Bakelite Knobs Fixed with stainless steel threaded studs.

·         Lower cam track can change without lifting Turret & no need of any setting.

·         Charging Hopper with Powder Level window and material stop Cock facility.

·         Turret Guard with full height to cover wiper seal area.

·         Utilizes “TSM” or “EU” “B”, “D” and “BB” standard tool configurations.

·         Lower roll carrier Oil tray with SS 304 material.

·         All Electrical Components are CE approved.

·         Lower Punch Wiper seal with NT6/a is an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber of Hardness Shore ‘A’ 88°, Temp range 40°C to 100°C, surface roughness static – 0.8 µm with corrosion resistant metal ring houses NBR element for smooth Lower punch operations.

·         Minimum 3 mm thickness tablet can be press.

·         Bottom Plate inside/outside Cladded with SS 304.

·         Turret & Cam Tracks Processed by Electrode less Nichol Plated (ENLP) for Long life.

·         Special R & D Purpose machine with Combined “B”, “BB” & “D” Tooling available.

·         Pressure Roller & Pins are processed with hard heat-treatment.

·         Low noise level.

·         Upper guard & Lower side guard interlocking for operator’s safety.

·         Miniature Circuit Breaker for over load Protection as a Safety Feature.

·         Electrical voltage & frequency can be provided as per customers’ requirements.


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