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Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Round Bottle Labelling Machine from Ambica Pharma Machines

October 28, 2020

Model: AHL-150

First designed, developed and supplied by Ambica Pharma Machines Pvt. Ltd in India 50 years ago, Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Round Bottle Labelling Machine is suitable for radial or partial warp or overlap labelling on round PET, HDPE or glass bottles and vials. This is a purely mechanical robust machine which has sturdy design ensuring minimum vibrations and thereby delivering better labelling accuracy. It is very operator friendly machine and also takes minimum changeover time for changeparts.

Salient Features
  • Suitable for Overlap Labelling & Flag Type Labelling.
  • Totally SS finished (cGMP).
  • Inbuilt vacuum pump
  • Inbuilt AC Drive for speed control.
  • Inbuilt In feed 30”Ø Turn Table.
  • “No Container – No Label” – An Pneumatic – sensing device avoids wastage of labels.
  • Special self – aligning bearings ensure smooth and Lifetime trouble free rotation of the parts.
  • An in – built Mechanical Counter provides continuous information of labelled containers.
  • Minimum change – over time required from one size to another.
  • Optional Accessories
  • Code Over Printing Device.
  • Safety Guard.
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