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High-Speed Horizontal Form Fill-Seal Machine presented by Omori Machinery

December 08, 2020

Product features

  • We have adopted an operator-friendly revolver-type film supply with the film set in a low position.
  • By making the supply conveyor a frameless structure, toolless attachment / detachment and cleanability of the finger chain have been improved.
  • By adopting a modular design, it can be easily attached / detached / maintained in units. In addition, the upper plate and lower belt can be opened and closed without tools, making cleaning easy.
  • By reviewing the sealing mechanism and temperature control, the sealing performance has been further improved.
  • Operability has been improved by screen renewal.
      15.5 inch wide touch panel (capacitive type) is adopted to improve expressiveness by graphic display
      Simplification of data creation by automatic shift calculation
  • Product specifications / Box motion seal type

    Model NSW-7000 BX
    Packaging capacity 10-150 Packs / min.
    Film width MAX.450mm
    Cut dimensions 100mm-400mm
    Product width MAX.200mm
    Product height MAX.80mm
    Power consumption 3-phase 200V 6kVA
    Machine weight About 1,000 kg

    Product specifications / Rotating seal type

    Model NSW-7000
    Packaging capacity 10-300 Packs / min.
    Film width MAX.300mm
    Cut dimensions 80mm-400mm
    Product width MAX.150mm
    Product height MAX.60mm
    Power consumption 3-phase 200V 6kVA
    Machine weight About 800kg

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