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SLB-150/200/400 Auto. Strip Packing Machine by Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery

It is suitable for automatic double-aluminum foil packing for tablets and Pills in medical industry. Chemical Industry, foods etc industry. It achieves the requirement of sealed ploof-light. and also it can be used in double plastic packing.

It adopts vibrating feeding mate rails, eliminating pieces, counting, vertical and horizontal slitting, cutting waste. Material, automatic finishing batch No. Printed etc. Full purpose, ease of operation, accurate feeding, tights Sealing, stable performance, it can not only improve the product, but also can guarantee the quality, it is an ideal equipment for pharmaceutical industry. It has passed appraisal of Science and Technology Achievement in Zhejiang Province, and qualified with GMP standard.

Main Technical Parameters:
Model SLB-150 SLB-200 SLB-400
Speed of roller(roller/min) 7-15 (Frequency adjusting speed device) 7-15 (Frequency adjusting speed device) 7-15 (Frequency adjusting speed device)
Capacity 20-60thous pice/h 20-80thous pice/h 20-80thous pice/h
Max Packing dimensions 150mm Can be designed as user's requirements 200mm 400mm
PVC for medicine 0.05-0.1×150mm 0.05-0.1×200mm 0.05-0.1×400mm
AL-plastic combined film 0.08×150mm 0.08×200mm 0.08×400mm
Hole dia of reel(mm) Φ40-45 Φ40-45 Φ70-60
Electrical thermal power 1kw×2 1.2kw×2 2kw×2
Main motor(kw) 0.55 0.55 0.55
Overall dimensions(mm) 1450×600×1670(L×W×H) 1450×700×1670(L×W×H) 1500×950×1670(L×W×H)
Weight(kg) 800 900 1000

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