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SX-180-R LAB by Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging

Filling from 0.1 ÷ 250 ml. / Changeover in 5 minutes / Output up to 3,600 uph. / Conforms with cGMP - USFDA.

The equipment we present is a compact filling and closing machine for automatic processing of vials and bottles in glass, plastic, or metal, for liquid, semisolid, and powder products, in sterile areas or clean rooms.

Production speed: up to 3,600 units per hour.

The design has been made for use in sterile areas, in compliance with cGMP and US FDA regulations, and in special accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, chemical and similar industries. The filling station is equipped with a peristaltic pump, valveless rotary piston pump, or powder doser.

All production parameters can be saved in the PLC through different recipes. The parameters are:

  • Dosing volume.
  • Programmable kinematics of the filling system.
  • Adjustment of the automatic feeders.
  • Output.
  • New recipes can be easily created and edited.

    Dosing volumes from 0.1 up to 250 ml.

    The pick & place station places stoppers and caps onto bottles sequentially, using vacuum. The closing station is equipped with a pneumatic screw head or with a servo head for difficult screw closures.

    All closures currently used can be easily handled, such as:

  • Snap-on closures / screw caps.
  • Childproof caps.

  • Feeding of different kinds of stoppers and caps is done automatically by vibrating feeders, made of AISI-316L stainless steel.

    The changeover to a different format is carried out quickly, easily and without tools, by exchanging complete sets of format parts. The adaptation to different heights of containers is made through digital position gauges. The machine is suitable both for batches of clinical trials and for extensive production batches.

    Optional equipment:

  • Diving nozzle system.
  • Gravimetric dosing system, through scale.
  • Gas flushing before, during or after the filling process.
  • Data recording software in order to export the production data
  • High frequency or induction closing.
  • Laminar flow unit.
  • Isolator unit.
  • IQ / OQ Validation package.
  • Printing / Codification
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