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Semi Automatic Cartooning Machine by Adinath international

Semi-Automatic Cartooning Machine Model AI-ACM 60 works on the principle of pneumatic operated mechanical assembly in order to fold or unfold the cartons placed in the feeding tray and simultaneously vacuum will suck the cartons into the slot of main holder plates -upper & lower comprising change parts according to the cartons size. This machine model is ideal for handling blister packs, container pouches, droppers, ampoules, vials, bearings, film rolls, inhalers, soaps and wide range of bottles.

Then cartons move with the help of main drive assembly for further operation. Carton passes through required pneumatic operation & reaches to the out-feed assembly. Online printing & the arrangement of product to be placed in the cartons are optional.


Semi-Automatic Cartooning Machine gets cartons and products via magazines. The cartons are treated in a careful and gentle manner so that none of them a rough treatment that can be harmful for the product that has to be placed within them. Here are further details on its operations: The machine first picks the carton form the carton loader assembly open the cartons one-by-one in a sequential manner and close the bottom with help of accessory product to be filled manually after filling the closing operation to close the carton and place the carton into the outfit. Then the product is moved to the second stage of packaging via the conveyor belt.

Model AI-CM 60
Output 2400 per hour
Carton Size Min. 20(L) x 15(W) x 60 (H)] Max. 82(L) x 82(B) x 205 (H)
Carton GSM 285 to 320 GSM
Air consumption 40 L/Min at 6 kg/cm2/pressure
Power supply 220V A.C. 50/60Hz Single Phase
Powder consumption 0.6KW
Machine Weight 400 kgs
Overall Dimension 115 (L) x 1500 (W) x 1400 (H) mm


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