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Wrap Machines offers "Thunder"

November 4, 2020

A high speed vertical form, fill and seal machine for producing centre sealed pouches handling all types of free flowing / non-free flowing powders / granules / solids.

The Wraptech Thunder handles a single reel film stock. Max. reel dia. is 530 mm on 76 mm core. The machine has the facility to be provided with a variety of filling heads. Draw down of the film is through vacuum pressed draw down belts controlled through an Servo motor drive. The length of the bag is controlled by print registration system which is PLC based. For unprinted film, the bag length can be adjusted from the single touch key pad provided on the front panel.

Filling Range

25 gm to 2000 gm. Depending upon bulk density of products & fill weight the maximum pouch size can take.


Upto 120- 140 Packs / minute. Depending on product flow properties, pack size, the kind, quality & thickness of laminate being used.

Product Range
Rice, Pulses, Tea, Coffee beans,Candies/Toffees, Tablets, Cashews, Potato / Banana wafers, Snack foods, Fresh & frozen foods, Dried fruits, Pasta pieces, Detergents, Hardware items, Spices, Soup mixes, Sugar, etc. Ground Spices, Milk / Chocolate powders, Ground Coffee Powders, Soup mixes, Non-free flowing Pharmaceutical & agricultural powders, Pesticide powders, etc. Powders (Free flowing), Granules, Pulses, Beans, Detergents, Tea, Coffee Seeds, Sugar, Rice, etc.

Pack Size (Extended size on request)

Width from 50mm to 250mm, Length from 70 mm to 350mm

Packaging Materials

The machine will accept most types of laminated films up to a maximum of 500 gauge.It is important that the sealing medium incorporates the best possible slip characteristics. Impulse sealing option for films like LLDPE, LDPE

Alternate Filling System

  • MultiHead Weight Filler 14 Head or 10 Head
  • Servo Driven Auger Filler
  • Volumetric Telescopic Cup Filler
  • Electricals Bagging Machine

  • Power Input: 3 phase 415 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Motor: 0.5 kW, 3 phase 415 V AC Servo Motor, 1.5 kW Servo Drive for Sealing Jaws, 0.5 kW for Power Un-wind with Variable Speed Control
  • Heaters: 350 W x 3 pcs
  • Temperature Controller: Digital Temperature Controller with FEK Thermocouple
  • Fully Automatic Photo Cell Control System

  • Electricals Filling System

    220 ±5 V AC Single Phase 2 kW 415 ±5 V AC Three Phase 1.5 kW 415 ±5 V AC Three Phase 1.5 kW

    Compressed Air

    6.0 kg/cm2 g

    Dimensions Floor Area (width x length) Height (Without Infeed Conveyor) 1950 x 1900 mm 3100 mm 1215 x 1780 mm 2810 mm 1215 x 1780 mm 2810 mm
    Dimensions Floor Area (width x length) Height (Without Infeed Conveyor) 4500 x 1900 mm 3790 mm 2890 x 1780 mm 2810 mm 2890 x 1780 mm 2810 mm

    Optional Extras

    Take off conveyor, batching device, tear - cut device, coding, perforator between sachets, overprinting attachment, gas flushing and Infeed Product Elevator system.

    Special Features

  • PLC Controlled with Touch Screen
  • Servo Motor Driven Vacuum Assisted Film Draw Down Belts Assisted Film Draw Down Belts
  • Power Reel Unwind
  • Constant Tension Control on Film
  • Tool-less Reel Changeover
  • Programmable Horizontal Sealing Jaws
  • Motorized Steel Belt Continuous
  • Motion Vertical Seal System
  • PC Uplink Facility with Ethernet
  • Protected Production Data
  • Tool-less Forming Collar and Tube Changeover Constant Tension Control on Film
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